07 April 2009

APRIL 2009

I was able to get my "little brother" Brian a guided tour of the 747 at LAX...he asked lots of questions so I assumed he was interested. The goal is to provide guidance on a career track or career field. The next step is to hopefully get him actively involved in Civil Air Patrol Cadet programs....a fantastic lead in track for military Academies and or military Aviator tracks.
Brian in front of engine #2 (of 4).

Colleen's childhood friend Rochele's family...husband David, kids Vincent and Olivia.

Colleen with her life long childhood friend Rochele....they live in La Jolla California...near San Diego CA. The kids are named Olivia and Vincent ages eight and eleven respectively.

Daniel, Sharon, and Colleen with newborn David...at their home in Chula Vista CA. (near San Diego).

Colleen holding "David"....a newborn which arrived recently to my good friend Daniel Ramirez..whom I have known for some years now via the military.

If you were to stand with your hands and legs extended fully...you would barely be able to fill the diameter of this engine inlet...just to give you some perspective on size.

This is a Russian freight aircraft called the Antonov...which I spotted while doing a brief stop over in Moscow.

Tokyo Japan to Chicago IL...North Pacific sunrise at 40,000 feet, Boeing 747-400

the roses are in a bloom cycle again lately...we are fortunate to have them cycling all year round

This is Singapore, near Clarke area....suprisingly organized city for a South East Asia metropolis.

Crew hotel is really nice...a 30 story brand new work of art.

The bowling shoe looking thing is a huge convention center. Wierd in a cool kind of way.

Singapore sky line...much bigger than most people think. Colleen and I went to the Puyallup Washington craft fair...which was supposed to be the nation's biggest craft fair, but all in all the logistical support was not great.

Puyallup Washington....ummmm, yeah not so busy.....just waiting for Opey and Auntie M to round the corner.

Soon after the picture Colleen was haulin' through the doors to the fairplex....but her expectations were a bit higher than the actual experience I'm afraid. Not terrible...but not great either.

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