23 February 2010

FEB 2010


Mike, Sue and Malcolm visited Los Angeles this month...

....so we hit the Getty museum...

(hey...who's that peeking over the wall?)
we also hit Disneyland....

"Star Tours" ride

Fantasyland (area within Disneyland)

I don't recall a Disney character with baggy shorts that dances like a ballerina?

the face sais it all....

Main Street Disneyland.

we also rented bicycles and checked out Venice Beach.

Santa Monica pier.

"I'm in command here...and I say we eat cotton candy"

Santa Monica pier amusement park.

Colleen in cruise mode.

Malcolm "helping" Mike go faster......maybe not. (poor Mike)

Venice Beach bike path.

Venice Beach skateboard park.

We also hit the 3rd street Promenade for dinner...Little Tokyo....Alvera street....and I got
an opportunity to ride with Mike along the beach to Manhattan Beach early morning.
All in all good weather and we hope Malcolm enjoyed the fun.

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