09 September 2010


so sorry for the delay in posts...I won't bore you with reasons why.

My "little brother" Brian (Catholic Big Brother program) and I checked out a place near us called "Power Surge"....which is a Wii and Xbox arcade pre-equipped with every imaginable peripheral you can think of. Wii stuff was cool and the Xbox graphics were excellent.
This is Typhoon # 8, located East of Hong Kong, moving Northwestward toward Taiwan. Dusk shot...so sunlight not so good.

Colleen, Kyoko and I went to Chumash indian reservation to chill out for a day. I love biking the local area and both Colleen and Kyoko came out ahead (which is always pretty cool to end a trip in the black).

mum sent me kid pictures.

holy crap I am goofy lookin' bozo.

made me realize just how much I owe my parents for putting up with my garbage all those years... I was (and still am) one lucky dude.
.....thanks mum for inserting some perspective back into focus. We get hyper focused on goals and forget to pull back and take a broad view sometimes.

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