01 March 2014

MARCH 2014

Spring 2014...three bloom cycles each year.   

 only half have bloomed...when the other half blooms the petals obscure the green leaves.
 Some hybrid cross germination between each bush.  Lots of buds yet to open.
resilient...all year long bloom cycles.


Removed old flooring (including sub flooring) + shower + toilet + all appliance connection hardware.  Completely blank canvas...then rebuild.   Installed new floor, new shower, new toilet, new appliance outlets+connectors.
Bathroom sub floor was water damaged...had to re-joist + apply new 3/4" ply throughout.   Thanks to Marcus and Carlos for helping re-joist water damaged floor and recenter shower drain pipe (and P trap).   All that is left is trim, dry wall repair, paint, and tile gap fill.   A great learning experience.

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