09 September 2018

SEP 2018

Santa Monica Classic 10K 

Colleen ran her 8th annual Santa Monica 10K race.

4 minutes faster than last year and placed top 25% in her age group.

Way to go Colleen! 

12 August 2018

AUG 2018

The three musketeers.

...all of them are either rescued or found on the street. All of them are good dogs, and it amazes me how people can simply discard these little ones as if they were trash. 

24 May 2017

MARCH 2017


We miss you Kyoko. We miss your smile and happy disposition. The dogs miss you too.  We will see you soon. Tell George we miss him too. 

09 January 2017


Two new terrors....
This is 'Timmy'....male Westie - Poo approximately 3 years old. Initially a hand full ...but turned out to be a really nice disposition.

This is Daisy...female long haired Chihuahua .  Absolute nut case.  Anxiety riddled IED that does not calm down...ever.  She means well and has a really good heart though. We think in time she will calm down.  (we hope).

04 January 2016


Auntie Michiko 

Kyoko (after two straight days of cooking)

Wilma (Michiko's neighbor and friend) 

New Year's day traditional Japanese meal....delicious (as it is every year).

December 2015...my brother Mike visited L.A. (this is at Palos Verdes). 

(off topic) Boeing just approved gross weights over 1 million pounds....equivalent to the Airbus  380... which now makes the 747-8 the longest airplane in the world AND equivalent in max gross weight to the Airbus A380.  It flies like a million pound pig...but all in all a great airplane. 

10 October 2015

OCT 2015

Annual Big Bear (Lake Arrowhead) Ascent
First stop...already I'm tired. 

 2000 feet

 3000 feet
 4000 feet...the point where I hit 'the wall' 
...4720 feet...dialing 911 at this point. 
 5230 feet...the prize awaiting at my friend Greg's cabin atop the mountain.
 Thank you Greg for hosting us year after year...
Mountain air and no noise...just what the doctor ordered. 

14 September 2015


Tanaka Farms (below).  You pick your veggies in the fields, then you wash and cut them. The farm then cooks the veggies and adds whatever you want and serves you.  'Plant To Plate' in :45 minutes.  Cannot get any more organic or fresh than that. 

 Santa Monica 10K (below).  El Nino cycle every five years, thus this year was FAR more humid and exhausting.  Typical humidity here is 20%....today it was 88%.  Even with the humidity Colleen came in four (4) minutes FASTER than her last 10K.  


New dog....'TIMMY'...crazy but a good disposition. 
 Timmy was surrendered (given up) by previous owners and disregarded to the pound this month. We met him and he was VERY friendly and affectionate.  So we took him home. 
Below was Timmy's first (of many) artistic master piece upon arrival 'home' ...we think he is possessed by pillow demons.
After 1.5 years of hospice care for two dogs we needed a break...so off to Vegas for some rest and relaxation. 

Titanic exhibit was very cool...actual artifacts and timeline from construction to sinking. 
Luxor lobby. 

26 July 2015

JULY 2015

Happy 90th Birthday Kyoko.... 

...'90 years looking back'...