10 July 2007

JULY 2007

Kody and KC. Kody (male) is about 8 years old. KC (female) is about 11 to 13 years old. Being abused, abondoned, and given up, we can only approximate their age. Both are terrific in their own way. Shown is the standard "food" or "walk" anticipation look.

I always knew Kody was a bit strange. He is a closet cross dresser.

Both of our dogs are rescue dogs. Both abused and given up to the pound to be put down. Pictured is Kody....a mentally handicapped dog that is untrainable, very difficult, and dumb as a bag of rocks, but very kind and loyal.

This is KC when she was sick a while back. Cancer, Inflamatory Bowel Disease, hair falling out....a real mess. A doctor suggested we put KC down but (thank God) Colleen took command, grabbed KC, took her home, ceased the six tier medication cocktail outright, fed her unadulterated pure food, flooded her with TLC, and made sure KC felt loved. Result: complete turn around in KC. Two months later she was completely void of all symptoms, regained all energy, and is now (today) bouncing around like a one year old pup. Theory: The doctors were killing her with way too many meds....and they never stopped to consider combined effects, nor natural approaches to treat the PROBLEM rather than the SYMPTOM.

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