19 August 2007

August 2007

Last Army Aviation Sortie flown in April...I will miss my band of brothers.
Fort Irwin quick rope load up...
40 mpg....I had to get one
Enroute from Tokyo to Amsterdam over Siberia Russia....."hi Fedex...Memphis is that-a-way"
We've all had "those days" before.....not even a 7.5 would wake us up.
.....immediately after waking up. I wonder what [that] means?
Whacky Races.....man I loved that show. Not sure why I thought of it just now.
Last Army sortie, April 07...Joint Task Force (JTF) formation flight with Marine CH-53's.
I've been riding desk so long I can't even keep my interval.

Mom and Dad visit....museum - restaurant combination. Great food.

Major Tim Lawendowski in Fallujah Iraq two days prior to his death. Seen here building a swing set for the neighborhood kids (typical selfless conduct for Tim). Tim was extended three times via the stoploss program...and was only two weeks prior to departing for home. Tim and I went through Aviator school, Air Assault school, SERE school, Ranger basic tactics school, Night Vision Goggle Advanced school, and Platoon Leader Development Phase II together. I will miss Tim dearly.
To date the 160th SOAR has lost 12% of it's active members.

....on a lighter note...the civilian office. Great view and goes fast.

The Yoshimura's.
Both sets of 'rents.....Kyoko stole someone's bowling shirt, George doesn't remember if he took his meds today or not, mom is sporting the Ray Charles look, and dad is figuring out how the home HVAC system functions.
Mom and dad at the LA Dodgers baseball game....playing the METS!....guess who they rooted for?

New Mexico...supposed to be house hunting....but the ancient petroglyphs distracted us....
...as did the gondella tram up to the mountain top for dinner....at 11,500 feet.

Next post approximately end of September.....cheers!

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Josette said...

Whoa -- GREAT shots, Matt. So sorry to hear about your friend Tim Lewandowski. There're just no words for such a loss.

Errr... was the Fed Ex plane _supposed_ to be that low/high above you? Another incredible shot.

And then there's the "rents" comment. I'm still laughing. But really, you shouldn't refer to your 'rents as ancient petroglyphs... oh, no, that was the ancient graffiti.

So, are you guys moving to NM? Beautiful place. I've only Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Will you still be flying? Awesome taxi you've got there, dude.