01 October 2007


Lake Tahoe at sunset....Colleen's friend (Gale) was married atop Heavenly Mountain in Tahoe.
Bride and Groom first dance.
Nice clear day during the drive back from Tahoe...altitude of 7500 feet.
My tie required two "AA" batteries.
All of the MSK misfits were confined to one table in the intrest of safety.
Tahoe sunset from 10,000 feet.
man...that tie is blinding me...turn it off.

Colleen and Gale...just prior being arrested for drunk and disorderly.
The MSK "go girl" group...just lookin' for something to break.
Colleen and Dan...who we all know REALLY loves UCLA!
Colleen, Rebecca, and some guy who can't keep his hands out of the food.This piper was born and raised in Buffalo NY. Regardless of whether he was Scottish, Irish, or even Iranian didn't matter...he was very good.

The couples' relative delivered the vows...very well done.Bride (Gale) and Dad
Chuck and Mary atop Heavenly...very cool, very nice people.
Paul Barth and his wife.

There's that loud tie guy again....now he's bothering the bag piper!

Absolutely beautiful...and the scenery wasn't bad either.

The piper plaid for two hours straight....must be a marathoner as well.

Short stop in Carson city NV on the way to Tahoe....historic section of town boasted lots of victorian homes.

Colleen and Carolyn testing the cool temps at 10,000 feet....which was actually quite warm at 45 to 50 F (10 C), suprisingly enough.
Tram up to the wedding spot was terrific. Ascent was approximately 3000 feet.
Bonnie, Carolyn, and Colleen.
Loud tie guy again with some professional model he obviously scammed into taking a picture.

The "Y's" at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona CA.
George and I checked out the horse races at the County fair...George tried to run onto the track so I had to restrain him.

My brother Mike visited for a day whilest taking care of some business in the Burbank area. I [we] hadn't seen him for many years so it was great to see him again and hear about what is happening with his family...(wife Sue and very cool son Malcolm). Mike amazes me...the guy is scary smart, very fit, and still juggles a family and demanding position at Microsoft. Go see for yourself at http://www.planetmurray.org/

Nissei Week Parade in downtown L.A. (little Tokyo)....obon dancers.
Standard kimono's are six to nine layers...and it was really hot that day.
442nd was a truly extraordinary bunch of soldiers. I first heard about them during OCS many years ago at Fort Bragg NC....during leadership lectures. The 442nd was comprised of Japanese Americans who previously imprisoned in Internment Camps with their families (after Pearl Harbor many thousands of Japanese were imprisoned as a knee jerk reaction....not smart). So after being imprisoned...they were then asked to lay down thier lives for the same country that held thier families hostage at the same time. They not only answered the call, but they were the only combat group to free the "Texans" (4th ID) who were surrounded by Germans for months unable to be freed by any other previous attempt. The 442nd lost 80% of their members in the process of "freeing" the pinned down "Texans." To this day, the 442nd story is taught to all new Officers in the Army...as an example of Selfless Service...and a beacon of commitment to this great nation. I salute them every time I see them.

Colleen, and her mom and dad awaiting the start of the parade.

Obon dancers.

Each temple in Japan sponsors one day each year when all the members carry an adorned icon for many miles to show commitment to community and the faith.

Okinawa dancers have a distinct type of dress and musical theme.

This is Huel Howser... a TV show host for a travel program that Colleen met years ago.

Final float in the parade...very big and lots of lights.

Finally...Colleen with KC and Kody. Without them I am nothing.

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