01 December 2007

November 2007

Instead of taking meds and seeing a shrink...why don't people just use this. World's best weight manager, stress reliever, anti depressant, and overall health optimizer.

My very good friend from Chiba, Japan....Norishige, his wife Ena, daughter Risa, and son Norikiro.
Shimoji-shima island, south of Okinawa Japan.
Kody...trying to get attention by whatever means possible. Sad, really.
Colleen helps young kids to learn better reading skills. She volunteered until the student graduated...in very high standing.

Chicago, Illinois...typical grey day.
HUD at sunset.
When I first became a Captain at my previous airline, my first trip was to Vegas...that's the Luxor in the background.
'nother HUD shot.

Me and Colleen went to see Barry Manilo. We figure he is old now and we should go see him before he retires soon. Great show.
We got to sit in VIP seats and drink some champaign while "Barry" performed...not but a few feet from us at times.

KC is still kicking. She has beat Infectious Bowel Disease, Cranial Adema, Kidney tumors, heart murmers, etc etc. The latest is Mitral Valve disease...and we don't think she will be around much longer....but we will make sure she is very very comfortable, loved, and given the very best treatment available. Hopefully she will stick around for a while.

One of our favorite quaint shops in Solvang, CA.

Historical Danish town near Santa Barbara called Solvang.
Halloween Decorations
Veterans Day, Washington DC, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Wendy's Birthday party.

.....I'll post again end of December or start of January. Happy Holidays everyone!

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