30 December 2007



By far the most noteworthy event was my brother Dave's motorcycle ride from Portland Oregon, through California, down into Mexico...thence return (nearly) same route.

As of this post he reports no close calls (thank god). We (Colleen and I) were lucky enough to be on his route...thus were able to see Dave headed South, as well as North bound.
Initial part of the ride was very wet (standard North West weather) and difficult.
Once he got to San Francisco area he had terrific weather thus put on lots of miles daily.
The view during rainy conditions (not great)ahhh.... the prize at the end of the ride in Mexico
BMW 1200 boxer motor designed 80 years ago...still widely aclaimed today.
It was really nice seeing Dave. Hopefully the nice weather put the hook in him to return.
Auntie Michiko and Momma Yoshimura during the Christmas party held in Torrance.

Colleen and I flew to Portland Oregon to see Dave and do some shopping. Great city. Now I can see why the real estate values have been similar to Seattle and Beachfront Los Angeles (no declines in mean value through 2007 in several areas).
George Yoshimura at Hollywood Park race track. Poor guy is getting on in the years and it's starting to show. During our visit to see the horses he stated "Is this Las Vegas?"
George, Kyoko, and Colleen and Pechanga Indian Reservation in Temecula California.
Newly weds Chris and Helen. Chris is Auntie Yoshko's son. Helen is from Shanghai China. They are both terrific people and we hope them the very best and a happy, healthy, loving life together.
Cleat (spelled correct?) and his fiance' at the Christmas party in Torrance.

Kyoko and Ryoji...who visited us while on a business trip from Japan. We took him to the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica and enjoyed some drinks, laughter, and Italian cuisine. Ryoji is very special to us, as he treated us like royalty when I took all the Yoshimuras to Japan a few years ago. He is testimony (and quite typical I might add) of why I would accept a Japan assignment in a heartbeat. I love the culture, and people with a passion.
Dave's new VW. My first ride it in reminded my of the centrifuge during my initial military pilot training. Only word to describe this thing is...."God Damn!"
Dave took Colleen and I too "Salty's"....a seafood buffet brunch (from which I am still stuffed).
This is the Portland Oregon light rail ("MAX")....which conveniently encircles the city and enables many inner city dwellers to "opt out" of car ownership alltogether.

Portland Oregon Burnside Bridge weekend outdoor market (held underneath the bridge, and also spills into adjoining blocks)....tons of artesians flaunting their wares....some of which are quite ingenious I thought. The above is by an artist who constructs all his items from kitchen utensils and tools.

KC holding Colleen captive in bed. One good nightmare and she will be launched into the dresser drawer.
My running route along the beach line in Marina Del Rey
Thanks Giving 2007. The Yoshimuras came over and we hung christmas lights and ate (way too much).
The dog ate way too much too and was unable to get off the cough without assistance. We rolled [him] to bed and he slept soundly...until the next meal at which time he acts like he hasn't eaten since Thanks Giving 2006.

Happy New Year to all....next post approximately end of January 2008.


Normie said...

I hope this is the right Yoshimura family. My name is Normie and I knew Kyoko in Okinawa Japan. She was my best friend. I lost contact with her many years ago. Kyoko called me NormieKo-san. My dad was in the AF and I met her when we both worked at Rogers of Okinawa. I went to high school with her sister Michiko. Kyoko Watanabe was her maiden name.
If this is the right family....
Please tell Kyoko I would love to hear from her.

Normie said...

I am still hoping you will let me know if Kyoko is the one I have been searching for. I would love to hear from her.
Regards, Normie (Moore) Douglass

Normie said...

I hope you blog again so you will see my messages.
I am going to leave another of my email addresses for you this time.

Hope to get a message from you soon.

matt said...

normie!!!!....so sorry for the delay...you have the correct Kyoko-san...she would LOVE to hear from you. Please call Kyoko-san at 310-822-7208. If you cannot reach her then email me at murray_m@msn.com