28 February 2008

JAN - FEB 08

....BORING!!!....winter sucks....although, winter here in Los Angeles means 65 degrees F (18C)...and I can still run and ride my bike in a t-shirt. You got to love THAT.

This is Enrique Sanchez...one of the many Sanchez' that founded a series of restaurants in the Southwest. The one near us is called "Casa Sanchez" (how original)....but, even with the corny factor it is simply a kick ass place to hear traditional mexican music and enjoy a high end version of Mexican food. Highly recommend it.

I have no idea what behuved me to take a picture of my beer in Tokyo. Crews normally gather at the same times and places...and this is normally the resultant. For those of you whom haven't yet tried Japanese beer....it's actually not bad at all....but that, of course, is a matter of personal taste. Consider the source...I love broccoli.

This is Sakura Restaurant in Los Angeles. It's one of those places that is always crowded yet the food and atmosphere is just average....so I can't explain why it's always crowded.

This is Kathy Carrol....U.S. Women's national Champion. She looks like Navritalova and rides like a Armstrong. This was taken at the Amgen finals....I was fortunate enough to see stage 2.
This is the California Tour stage 3....Team Discovery Tim Danielson powering past Phoniak's Floyd Landis. These people amaze me how efficiently their bodies convert glycogen and fat stores into speed. I think their freaks....but I also which my VO2 Max was half of what they have.
For our anniversary I actually listened for once. Imagine that...a male, Irish, type A that actuall listens. After reading between the lines it seemed these Mikimoto pearl earrings were the way to win the Valentines, Anniversary challenge.
This is the Mikimoto necklace. This year I want us to be able to go to some formal functions...and show them off a bit....as we rarely ever get to do anything formal at all.

Soooo....I told you winter is boring. Beer, biking, and jewelry....oh my.

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