18 March 2008

MAR 08

Easter Bike Training run...from sea level to 5000 feet...14 miles of helatious grade. Man was that hard.
4000 foot maker....lungs were really burning (being a sea level non thinned blood type)
The prize at the top of the mountain....my friend Greg lives at the peak...never before had beer tasted sooooo good.
Taste Of Tokyo (TOT) in Downtown L.A. Sunday 16 March 2008. Left to Right are....Tim, Sandy, July, me, Colleen and Kyoko. Left side of the table are Colleen's cousins whom she hasn't seen in many years.

Kyoko at home after having cooked one of her standard nine course Japanese spreads.
Auntie Michiko....whom Kody just loves BTW....
Colleen....looking normal, but (if people only knew) fighting eye and migrain pain DAILY. The girl never complains...yet never fails to uphold her responsibilities as a manager. Most would quit given the same conditions.
George and Uncle Shun contemplating what exactly it is they are looking at. Could be tomato...could be tumble weed?
....one hour later..."it still hasn't grown!....what's wrong with this plant!?....is it nap time yet?"

Colleen was picked to model a dress while attending a designer's weekend seminar. [She] tried to pretend she didn't hear her name being called in hopes of not being picked.....to no avail. Being skinny has it's downside.
The Seminar originators....some of which are well known and achieved on the "runways" and amongst designers.
Only one of several groups at the seminar. Colleen had a "blast" and learned many techniques which separate the average from the truly exceptional.

This Rusty...the newest family edition...whom followed Kyoko home today (20 MAR 08). No collar and very under fed. Estimates are 8 months old and hasn't eaten in weeks. Looks to be part Retriever, part greyhound, part shepard...basically a mutt.

Legally we had to bring Rusty to the Animal Services shelter in order for any owner to claim him. However, I have registered my name as "First Right Redemtion" in the event no one claims him by 25 March. The Shelter scanned him for a microchip...but found none...so I estimate Rusty was abandoned......people are such idiots.

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