24 April 2008

APRIL 2008

By far the highlight of April was seeing the family...after many years of not being able to get ALL the Murray boys under one roof simultaneously. I wish I could experience more of these type reunions....anyway, above is Mike and Dave's new cars...not quite "twins" but certainly similar. VW GTI series is a smokin', agile little rocket...think Mini mixed with nitro.
Colleen and Dave were enlisted by Malcolm to put together his new toy....which came in a million pieces of course. Suckers.
Who let this awnry lot in here!? The restaurant reserved by Mike ("Pair" I think it was called) was very nice...with no specific region or theme holding it back, it was a menu that you just didn't know what to expect...like you would at a place that hangs a national flag or theme over it's door. Very well done.
Malcolm is getting so big so fast....my goodness. He already carries a conversation such that you can simply "talk" to the lad...rather than reason in baby talk. He will be quite an intelligent one I think. Poor Sue (my brother Mike's wife) got nailed with a wicked virus just as a boat load of people invaded her home for a re-union. Wonderful! I felt terrible for her.
Dave and Colleen completed the toy construction phase with approval from the Willy Wonka Certified Appraiser himself...who of course wanted to know about "other" toys about two hours later.
Malcolm showing Colleen how it's done in play land. It's amazing how fast kids can readily grasp ever changing themes, controls, features, and modes...whereas adults spend half an hour just searching for a FAQ file for help.
Mumsy Murray keeping watch over the roost. "A spot of tea and stiff switch is in order to rule these guttersnipes!"
Dad with Marti....whom received the Purple Heart award for braving the Murray clan family comedy hour a few times around the dinner table. Marti is (by far) one of the coolest, well grounded, level headed, personable people you could ever meet....so we are hoping we didn't scare her off too much.
A table for ten, a family I haven't seen (collectively) for years, some cheap Chinese food, some beer, and way too much time to kill.....could be trouble man.

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