14 May 2008

MAY 08


K.C. finally decided it was time to go. We are very very sad, yet at the same time happy she is no longer suffering. She had difficulty with even remedial tasks due to the congestive heart failure symptoms (heart blows up like a balloon, wind pipe becomes obstructed due to enlarged heart, gagging for air-weezing, lungs fill with fluid, etc etc) caused by a failed ventrical valve in her left atrium chamber. [She] also had infectious bowel disease, and liver disease.

We miss her so very much. The house will never be the same without her. Her life long friend Kody, misses her the most I think. I know we all go down the same road eventually, it's just hard seeing all the reminders and missing her wagging tail, loving ways, and unconditional love.

"we love you and miss you KC...we will see you real soon."

This is Colleen's latest project. A formal gown which she made from scratch. [She] just thought it up and executed. The plan is to wear it to a formal coming up in a few months.

It's amazing how a pile of meaningless fabrics can be transformed into a beautiful gown by sheer talent.
My biggest kick is watching Colleen work at these projects....I can be sitting right next to her speaking to her...rambling on for :20 minutes....thence finally realize [she] hasn't heard a word I just said.

That's why I call her the Mad Scientist....all I see is smoke pouring out of her ears and she is completely unaware of what's happening around her. Complete focus.

This is what happens when you have many days off and time to kill.....you start building things just for the sake of building things. This bird feeder seemed like a great idea...but the birds are really wary to feed off of "big, white, new, bird eating, monster thing" just yet.

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