22 June 2008

JUNE 2008

FOOD: while millions are starving elsewhere in the world...we figured we would celebrate our apathy by dining at a really cool historic site known as "Magic Castle" in Hollywood CA. The theme is true to it's name...with many short duration shows throughout the evening. There were many pretty cool "wow" effects....such as an owl at the entrance which you must politely ask permission to enter...through a hidden door disguised as a library book shelf....and another owl perched at the bar which will answer questions you ask of it while nodding it's head and gesturing. The food was good, the asthetics were terrific, and the history was pretty cool too. All in all a good time. [We] had a party of twelve...pictured above is our friend "Paul" who we find particularly cool.

FURRY FAMILY MEMBER: This is "Trixie"...the newest rescue adoption dog. She was rescued from horrible conditions and she is slowly coming out of her defensive shell and opening up to her new guardians. We miss KC terribly...but we also welcome Trixie as a means to carry on and continue fostering dogs that people treat terribly. So far so good...Trixie is pretty relaxed and is accepting her new home just fine. We approximate her to be six to seven years old, which is right around Kody's age..thus they are perfectly matched.

Here's Kody....half rabbit, half dog, and 100% cooked out. He has been very very welcoming to the new addition (Trixie) and we are very suprised at how NON-possessive and or aggressive he is toward Trixie. Kody was acting very depressed after losing KC...but now he seems better having a "buddy" to hang with. So far so good.

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