20 July 2008

JULY 2008

This is Colleen's friend Jacqueline Hurwitz...who lives in Hancock Park...a former coworker from Colleen's previous company.
Trixie is quickly assimilating into the new home. She is less shy, less inhibited, more communicative, and her health is now much much better. She came from a very poor environment prior to being rescued. We love her so.
Kody is also very cooperative in allowing Trixie full reign of the entire household...free to do whatever she wants with no jealous or possessive repercussions from Kody. Kody is a very generous little lad and he already treats Trixie as a best buddy.
Colleen and I rarely get to do anything formal...so we were happy to attend her law firm's 100th anniversary outing at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We had a great time and I so very much enjoy spending time with Colleen...I married a great girl.

Pictured with Colleen are her co-workers and friend Carol (center) and Bonnie (right).

a few of The Beverly Hills Hotel guest list includes (or included): John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Frank Sinatra, Betty Davis, Sandra Day O'Conner, Charlie Chaplin, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Steven Spielberg, etc etc.

This fits the law firms profile because their client list reads like a Dow Index company list...or a "who's who" rag: Boeing, Paramount Pictures, Intel, Ford, Marilyn Monroe, the Doors, the Beatles, MGM Grand, Walt Disney, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Muhamad Ali, etc etc etc.

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