22 August 2008


Bangkok...near Suvarnabhumi...typical eating choices include crazy loud dirty street vendors....or crazy loud dirty ally vendors.
Just outside the hotel in Amsterdam...very nice...just look both ways when near the bike lanes.
Leaving Amsterdam headed to Tokyo Japan...easier to see the city layout.
Shibuya Japan (near Shiodome)...world's busiest street intersection.
Singapore...near Clark. Great river restaurants and vendors...very new city...lots of new buildings going up.
Utapau Thailand (South of Bangkok)...lots of sharks..but excellent diving.
Bangkok near the hotel...another quiet, clean, and docile eating adventure. ;-)
Thai food doesn't use 1/10th the rice content of neighboring Asain countries for some reason. This is a typical main entree....a leaf, and a bucket full of meats.

Shibuya again...from Nike store at Miyazaki mall 2nd floor. Pretty sick. Trains are even more densely compacted with people.
Meiji shrine, Tokyo.
Aunti Michiko came over to show us a video about Okinawa.
Intermission ice cream break....mmmmmm
George sais "where's the other dog?".....(reply from Kyoko-san): "we don't have another dog!" Oh boy...this could get silly.

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