14 September 2008

SEP 08

747 Captain Paul Grimes lives a few miles from us (in Palos Verdes...real nice area right on the ocean with tall bluffs and lots of people lookin' just like Thurston Howell III) and invited us to join up on a BBQ get together. [He] is a great cook and terrific host.
One of three little ones who provided tons of comic relief. This is a 6 month daughter of one of Paul's wife's friend....who is trying to figure out "why is everyone lookin' at me!?"
Colleen and one of several guests just shootin' it.
This is Paul's twin girls...both four and born only a few minutes apart. Very very funny girls....who spent the first :30 minutes sizing us up...thence by the end of the night they were hanging all over us and riding us like a rented mules.
...enter the rented mules.
We may be older, but we know who's in command for the moment....too cool they were.

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