02 December 2008


Colleen's latest project...a nine panel quilt illustrating Japanese kimonos. Take a look.... just click on any picture to get a full screen view.
all the panels are different...each one having it's own pattern and color scheme.

Note the farther away you view it...the more apparent the differences in each panel.

Colleen's aunts are receiving the only two quilts Colleen made...I kind of wish we could have kept one. Oh well.

The "Tokyo Traveling Trio" hit Los Angels this month. We decided to take them to a Lakers Basketball game because Sudo-san (far right) is an avid, trophied, and proficient guard in Japan.

Can't go to an NBA game on an empty stomach though...so we first hit California Pizza kitchen. The last thing they wanted was Japanese food....so I figured this was as far from Japanese as one can get.

Post game leaving Staple Center in down town L.A.

This is Yuda-san...he has travelled all over the world to date...and he sais the last time he saw an NBA game he was in the nose bleeds...and couldn't even see the players...so he was relieved to be sitting about 18 meters from the court this time.
I hope the trio enjoyed Los Angeles....they returned to Tokyo at least with some good memories...Disneyland, California food, NBA basketball game, and some new friends.
with ZERO prior practice and or experience...Colleen woke up and decided..."I'm going to make my own pants today." .....she wasn't kidding....in just a few hours....viola!...pants....and perfect lines too.

I know nothing about sewing...but, in watching Colleen construct this project....it did NOT look easy.

The end result was a perfect, tailor made, custom fit pair of work pants. Colleen is small...so it's very difficult to find her sizes in retail stores. She got fed up and did something about it.

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