07 January 2009


Colleen's mom received her long awaited Japanese kimono quilt. It takes a long long time to hand craft a quilt of this size. She was thrilled to receive a traditional Japanese hand made gift from her own daughter. Both Colleen and her mom just gravitated toward such craft skills....neither having formal training. At age 6 Colleen just decided she would start sewing...and proceded to sew doll dresses with no prompting or influence. It's in their blood I guess.
A few new designs were added which made it different from the other quilts.

each panel is different, and has it's own pattern/color theme.

It covers a queen bed...just to give some perspective.
on a completely different note....this is just a thought...click to blow up the above graph...you will see how inherently smart the "market" is regarding recessions. We are now right back to where we "should" be with regard to real estate intrinsic values. Law of homeostasis is verified here I think. Just let the market be the market in my opinion...bailouts are simply band aids and don't fix the cause of the problems. Just a thought is all.

...."We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast...this is only a test."

Long Beach aquarium trip ...this is Sid the seal.

shark tank

here's Brian...he's 14 and lives close by. I was fortunate enough to be paired with Brian through the Catholic Big Brother Volunteer program.
Brian scaring himself after getting up enough nerve to touch the stingray.

Long Beach marina...if you click on the picture (blow it up to full size) you can see the Queen Mary in the back ground.

coral tank....again, click to blow it up and see the colors...amazing.

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