16 June 2009


Kyoko needed a break from the 24/7 assisted living job she inherited when George' health degraded to the point where he requires close monitoring. Soooo...we took off North bound to a Danish village called "Solvang"...which is near Santa Barbra California. We ate at a landmark place called "Anderson's Pea Soup"...which has a pretty cool 1950's aura. Great food.
Kyoko couldn't resist the silly shot...

Speaking of silly...here's a silly lad who is so used to city life...that any open pasture shot is "remarkable" in his mind. Sad really.

I did a great bike ride from Solvang into (and through) the Santa Ynez valley....very cool rolling hills and open spaces with barely any signs of life at all.... a nice change of pace from Los Angeles.

I couldn't help but think of the "Dances With Wolves" theme music as I was riding along...

Colleen and I never get time alone...she works many many hours each day and barely has time to uphold her true love and hobby...crafts, sewing, quilting, knitting, beading, and apparel projects. So, we capitalized on the opportunity to take some time to go do nothing....for a bit....in Las Vegas.
We were really suprised to see how packed it was on a Sunday late late night hour....when most people are already gone to be in place for work Monday morning. It was quite crowded. Live bands, people dancing, and quite lively. With the economy being as it is right now, I was not expecting that much activity.
This area is called the "Fremont Experience"....and it displays a high overhead archway (like a tunnel of lights) light and video display each hour with a specific theme music. This month was 1960's hippie month due to the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Pretty fun all in all.
Our neighbors, Manny and Kimiko, invited us over for a BBQ dinner...and in true Japanese style, laid out a spread that took many many days following to finish.
This sunrise (05:00am local time) during take off and climb out from Singapore to Bangkok Thailand. Typical hot humid climates cause thunderstorms all day and all night....but it is beautiful though.

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