21 July 2009


13 years of firing this thing I finally made good on my promise to own one after retiring from military obligations. Before anyone gets offended or surprised...please note this is more a memoir or trophy than a weapon. I have also fired tens of thousands of rounds with these things (some in anger). I can field strip it in seconds...minus light...I know it like the back of my hand.

I do not support a world full of weapons.

I do know two things for sure:

(1)as long as there are two or more people on this earth, bad people and wars will always occur ...and no matter how much educated folks postulate, debate, and theorize about peace via legislation...reality is meanwhile jackin' cars, invading homes, robbing pedestrians, and waging wars.

(2)I can count on ADT and LAPD to a degree... but it's that 20 minute wait until they arrive that I am responsible to cover. Now I can.

...'nuf said...all I can say is academians and liberal types vehimently argue this issue...right up until they are staring down the business end of a weapon held by a drug addict who wants nothing but your money or your stuff (to pawn). Yes...the dude is harmless probably...but I am not willing to leave it up to him. You can if you want to...not me.

Way on the other end of the spectrum of subjects...is this cool "dog" shirt that Colleen just made for me.
She knows I love dogs....all sizes and breeds...so out came the material and viola! Instant shirt.
Fits nice...I plan to where it out to dinner.

This is the "guitar" shirt I also got from Colleen.
...it fits great and I get to break it in at her mom's birthday dinner tomorrow night. Hopefully Jimmy Buffet is not there...he might want it.

Colleen and Kody painted the left eye of the Daruma doll....known in Japan as "okiagari koboshi" (tumbler doll) which depicts the Bodhidarhma (father of buddhism who lived in the fifth or sixth century AD) in the seated meditation position. The belief is that you paint one eye (right one) at the start of an event....and paint the remaining eye (left one) when the intended outcome occurs. The right one was painted the day Dave told us he left Hewlit Packard (HP) and was seeking another job. We prayed he would achieve his goal quickly. The left one completed the day Dave told us he achieved his goal. I guess it worked in this case.

Go karts and baseball games is the theme this month with "little brother" Brian.

Brian proceeded to kick my ass on all of the four tracks...with little effort at all. Damn kids today...no respect I tell ya' !

I should have seen it comin' when he mumbled somethin' about "cans" and "woop ass."

Dodger game was boring...as usual....but a little drama when a previous Dodger came back to Dodger Stadium...on the visiting team...and proceeded to kill one out of the park. Talk about "in your face" and embarassing silence.

Thank god we live very close to the ocean because most houses around here do not have Air Conditioning....while inland homes do. Not bad temps this July thus far...

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