09 August 2009

AUG 09

Hit Disney Land this weekend...with Michelle, Cynthia, Cynthia's brother (Lance...and his wife and two children Kyle and Kelly), as well as two Japanese exchange students known as "I" and "A" (abreviated of course). As usual tons of fun and laughs...

This is the "Small World" castle...a historical icon of Walt Disney' vision of world peace.

At the top and bottom of each hour...the castle comes alive with a precession of figurines that march in a musical display....think coo coo clock on steroids.
Inside the "Small World" castle is a display of each region and country in the world...this is Japan.

Here is Cynthia and "A" doin' the twist during the day parade.

Part of the day parade down Main street.

This is Main street...a late 1880's early 1900's depiction of anytown USA.

Cynthia in the submarine ride.

Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear....

Pirates of the Carribean character played by Johnny Depp....not the real Depp of course...

The wax figures move, talk, and the ride takes you through a journey that is quite cool...

Michelle and Colleen on the "Indiana Jones Adventure" ride....that was cool too.

Two visiting students sponsored by Cyntia..."A" and "I."

Colleen on Main street.
Dave with Marti's mom....

bike club assembles at dawn....some b.s. for :15 minutes then "game on!"

L.A. sunrise...

Dave and Marti came to L.A. for a visit...enroute to Marti's family' home in La Puente.

Dave with (now completed) Darhuma-san doll.

Colleen made her own pair of jeans...just thought it up and did it.

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