15 May 2011

MAY 2011

 oh great...every time the big Japanese lady knits something...."I" have to model it.  

 Dave and Julia travelled to Southern California to see the Tour de California bicycle race. 
Gosh...it's been 29 years since I last saw Dave.  It was great to see them both. 

on a different note...Colleen completed her first run race.....
Santa Monica Classic (annual beach coastal 10k/5k)
Pre race start line
Finish line
cutting off the GPS tracker
....I am proud of her.
Cancer, cancer treatment meds nausea, botched mastectomy surgery injury, migraines almost daily, botched eye surgery pain, etc etc. With every opportunity to stop working and go on disability...she refuses to act or think like a "victim." This is exactly the type citizen this country needs...and exactly what JFK was eluding to in his inaugural address to the nation.

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mcmCPH said...

Awesome -- congratulations Colleen! Great attitude and determination, indeed.