06 June 2011

JUNE 2011

I found these the other day (buried under old moldy smelly hockey equipment)....icons of a seemingly surreal prior existence that seems so long ago and disconnected to today's reality....  Minus all the testosterone laden pathetic immature death imagery....the colors, #'s, shapes, and characters do represent a long history of unit lineage spanning back multiple generations.

"60 is the new 40".....yeah right....if that's true my gut, butt, waist, grey hairs, and face wrinkles never got THAT email message.  I look back on what I was doing in my 20's and feel tired just thinking about it.

All this typing is tiresome....I need a nap.  :-)

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ddemarco said...

My search for Michiko Oishi, known married name of Ray, birth place Wakayama Ken, Japan, brought me to your blog. I am searching for her because she hasn't seen her sons John and James since they were very young. John is now my son in law and Michiko and I now share a beautiful grandson by John. I would love to find her.

Warm regards,

Dawn Demarco