12 August 2011


 Ebey's Landing (1842), Whidbey Island  Washington.   Visited mom and dad.
 Whidbey Island shoreline just North of Fort Casey (on Juan de Fuca strait)
Looking South toward Fort Casey (West shoreline). 

.........and now for something completely different, a man with a tape recorder up his nose...........


>>>>>>>BEGIN COFFEE INDUCED RANT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I am not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican. I am neither.  Because there are attributes of both parties I cannot support in principle.  Yet, I find (in my conversations with others) that somehow we, as a self governing Republic, lost our ability to think for ourselves.  

Today, the only acceptable opinion lies within a very very thin margins between the Pelosi Proletariat  and the Republican Romney Review.  Any view outside those thin margins and you will (undoubtedly) be labeled "radical" or "extreme."  

Further, you can take nearly any argument, run it through today's "media" and skew the facts and data so as to conveniently engineer a bias left or right (aka: Political Engineering).  For example, the Liberal left love to refer to "historical employment rate data"....which anyone with two left hemisphere cells remaining knows is complete garbage (unemployment benefits END so that MUST mean the individual is RE-employed, right!?).  Yet, as a population, we accept what our "leadership" feeds us without question.  

No. Wrong. Not me. Not in my life time.  That is why I skew towards a Libertarian stance....which, in short, promotes self reliance, self sufficiency, less Government intervention, less EXCUSES for people to NOT work (or hide under union fuck off rules, or milk social programs fraudulently, or...god forbid...force people to SAVE for their OWN retirement).  

Elected officials are supposed to be hired to tell you what you DON'T want to hear.  They are SUPPOSED to be the parents telling their kids "no...you can't have chocolate cake until you eat all your veggies first."   Yet they pander to the masses by promising FREE CRAP WE DON'T NEED....and the fat ass and free loading masses vote for the moron who promises "something for nothing."   We always get the chocolate cake AND don't ever have to eat our veggies.  Terrific...just what we needed.  

At some point...SOMEONE is going to have to stand up and say "ummmm...excuse me, but we can't afford this free lunch mentality anymore, and, by the way, I cannot name one single Govt. entity that, minus tax subsidies, would be considered efficient, profitable, or worthy of investor capital....so why are we placing MORE fiscal and economic decisions in the hands of those who are obviously the WORST possible stewards of any asset class known to man!?"

REASON:  We are being told "you cannot think for yourself...so WE are going to think FOR you."   We saw this same cycle of events with the British Sterling (1967 to 1975.... kaput), the former Yugoslavia Dinar (kaput), Greek Drachma (kaput), French Franc, Spanish Peseta....and....my favorite, the Roman empires transition from a Republic, to a Democracy (the beginning of the end), to an Oligarchy, then to ruin.  In ALL cases...the debt from social programs demanded Govt. to decide what was right or wrong for the masses.  Here we are repeating history. 

REALITY:  Like an addict...it is difficult to STOP being dependent.  It hurts, and it's short term pain.  We are dependency addicts.  For SOME reason we believe that without Govt. making decisions FOR us, that we would all be babbling idiots, dead in a ditch, consuming goods that explode our lips off our heads, and completely unable to fend for ourselves without the DIVINE guidance of our (thought control) overlords in D.C.    Please people.  Get a grip.  For once in your life, trust yourself.  If forced to live without some clown telling YOU how to invest, or save for retirement, or protect yourself, or take care of your own health, or offer your goods to the free market, or hire employees YOU believe are worthy, or (god forbid) demand performance from your employees.....believe me, you will be just fine.  Yet, we are told we need someone else to think for us....and we accept it as true because we all know our elected leadership are ALWAYS right, and should never be second guessed, right?  (....right?)


Sorry for the rant...as we move farther and farther away from allowing ANYONE with an opinion outside the Pelosi Romney margins to even be entertained....then I can only see our fore fathers weeping at the actions we persist in.  

(From the Federalist Papers:  an entry by Thomas Jefferson)
Upon leaving Constitution Hall, after ratifying the newly adopted constitution....a woman stopped Ben Franklin and stated: 
"What sir, have you given us!?"
Ben Franklin replied:
"...a Republic madam....if you can keep it ! "

The Bill of Rights....when most are asked "what is the Bill of Rights."  Most (if not all) answer it to be list of 10 rights for citizens of the newly formed United States.  


Article 1:  "Congress shall not......"
Article 2:  "Congress shall not......"
Article 3:  "Congress shall not......"
.....all the way to Article 10 (my favorite):  "anything we didn't add here...Congress shall not do that either." 

The bill of rights' SOLE PURPOSE was to INSURE Congress did not stick their fingers into the lives of the citizens.  They were to make such decisions ON THEIR OWN.  

Consider this example:  Say we had no law that says it's illegal for any biz to deny access to someone based on _____ (fill in whatever silly reason you feel fit....creed, credential, race, etc).  How long do you think that biz will remain in biz if they were stupid enough to deny someone access just because of religious belief? or skin color? or credential?   Not long at all.  The Govt. does not need to think FOR us....believe me, the market WILL bitch slap that biz owner...the exchange of info is WAY to good for anyone to get away with such crap today.  They won't survive. 

(1) REPUBLICANS HELD THE COUNTRY CAPTIVE USING TERRORIST TACTICS:  Oh yes, that's perfect.  God forbid ANYONE should raise their hand and say, "excuse me, but, this whole debt issue thing...it's not going away and we are in deep shit once the other nations start unpegging from the USD."   Yes, they must be evil demons to suggest something so absurd.  Tell me this, if your spouse went nuts with YOUR credit cards, you are telling me you would RATHER call the credit card company and raise the debt limit INSTEAD of telling your spouse to   "cut the crap" !?    No.  Wrong. 

(2)IF YOU ARE AGAINST SOCIAL PROGRAMS YOU ARE ANTI _____(insert any bleeding heart identity here):  This one kills me.  Yes, it's true....I wish ill fate on the elderly, poor, and all those who earn less than tier 1 tax brackets.  Please.  Here is another great example of anyone having an opinion outside the Pelosi Romney margins being labeled extreme or radical.   No, I'm  not against them at all....I do believe though that free market entities would perform FAR better than any bureaucratic entity 8 days a week (twice on Sunday).   Again, if it weren't for the divine intervention of our elected overlords in D.C.....we would all be dead in a ditch, consuming exploding goods, unable to think for ourselves, and only able to stand and stare blankly into the distance until someone in Washington gives us direction and instructions.  Come on people.  Own YOUR results.  It's NOT the responsibility of Govt. to manage YOUR retirement. It's NOT the responsibility of the Govt. to tell you WHO you can or can't hire, fire, or demand performance from.  It's not the Govt' responsibility to tell you HOW and WHO to use for health decisions.    

(3)CONSERVATIVES ARE PRO GUNS AND BIZ:  uh...no moron. The right to bear arms has not changed since we created this Republic (we were born a Republic btw...NOT a Democracy....know the difference between the two).  I do not agree all of society should walk around armed like the wild west.  I DO (however) agree that Liberals and Lefts tend to stand in a circle, talk talk talk talk talk (and give each other titles and accolades) until they all devise a hypothetical world peace plan where everyone will comply with law and guns will not be needed. Wrong.  Not reality.  If you wipe out the ENTIRE human race, and leave only two humans on Earth...I guarantee you there WILL be war in only a few days.  Liberals stand around and hypothesize all kinds of great ideals....none of which take into account that, given the opportunity, mankind WILL do evil things. It's their nature and postulating theories counter to that belief is unrealistic.  I own a weapon because it is the ONLY insurance I can guarantee will be there during the :20 minutes it take for the Police to arrive.  Liberals would (instead) have me stand there with my thumb up my ass armed only with foul language.  Bullshit. Over my dead body will you take away my right to defend my family. 

Pro biz?  I suppose if you consider half the nation pays taxes...and the top 25% is carrying 90% of the tax revenue weight.  Is that pro biz?  ***The U.S. biz sector is the highest taxed in the world (actually #2 right now...but after Q4 we will be the highest taxed in the world).  Take away that burden and you start to see a WORLD competitive biz force.  But nooooooo....we can't decrease biz taxes.  No sir....we have to take $ from people who WORK and EMPLOY...and give it to those who have NO ENTICEMENT to work at all.  Yes, that's smart.  Lets do that. 

(4) REPUBLICANS ARE FOR THE RICH:  This one kills me. Liberals ALWAYS use examples of biz owners that pay zero taxes...and seek to target them (rob them) to fix the debt issues.  Yes, that's brilliant.  When did we magically FORGET that each person you are targeting is RESPONSIBLE for the employment of (on average) 39 other people....who generate 39 times more tax revenue than any one person will ever do in a lifetime.  Liberals conveniently leave that part out...they focus on the PERSON...and NOT the tax revenues THEY are responsible for CREATING by going out and taking risk and starting a biz that EMPLOYS OTHERS.  Yes, lets attack them...after all they MUST be evil...they MUST have obtained their wealth by underhanded and illegal means right?   

This is exactly why Thomas Jefferson KNEW Democracy (minus a responsible moral voting population) would fail.  The majority just votes in idiots who promise free crap they don't need and the rest is history.  Failure is imminent.  

Here is a great example of why Govt. should have limited intervention in free markets:  Notice the immediate and thereafter steady decline of the dollar...after YOUR GOVT. declared YOU were NOT ALLOWED to hold gold anymore.  Ever ask yourself why they deemed it illegal?  

...alright...enough rant....so sorry.  It's just we were created as a Constitutional Republic for a reason, and I know our fore fathers did NOT fight and die just so we can throw it all the way in the name of spreading the wealth around evenly and trying to impose freebee programs using money we DON'T have.  

Cut the military budget in HALF (yesterday).  Open up defense contracts to open public bids using NON union candidates.  Privatize most social programs, so they at least PERFORM and answer to the MARKET....stop using tax payer debt.  Get the U.S. dollar fundamentals back to debt levels where foreign confidence is regained.  We must ACCEPT the fact that not ALL people can be saved....there is NO perfect system that saves EVERYONE.  Accept it.  Health Care and Housing is NOT a right granted under ANY constitution anywhere.  Yet we act like these are rights?  They are NOT.  It's NOT in our constitution, nor in our laws...never was.  You must earn them.  They are NOT entitlements.  

Affirmative action is two wrongs trying to make a right.  Have you ever had to explain to a white person that they were NOT hired because someone of equal qualification was hired because they were black or Hispanic or female?  I did.  It sucked.  Is that NOT discrimination?   Can you imagine what would occur if anyone launched a magazine called "Ivory"?  Melt down.  How about a network channel called "White Entertainment Channel"?  Melt down.  Yet we can't  seem to find the courage to talk about it or approach it. Why?  Because of that SAME thin margin I mentioned earlier....you will be labeled extreme, radical, or in this case, racist.  We have failed to  Govern based on principles.....principles that simply say: "You are hired based on your qualifications...and if two are equally qualified, it's the right of the employer to decide as they deem fit."  (god forbid...we can't have that!...we must have the thought control in D.C. decide those things FOR US!)

Lastly, unions used to have a key purpose during the periods of Boss Tweeds, and scarce labor laws.  Those days are gone. No idiot employer is dumb enough to disregard labor laws in today's litigious society.  Unions perpetuate a work ethic that truly sucks.  When I finished flying for the Army on active duty I showed up day one to American...and politely declined the union reps offer to join.  Here's what he said:  
"You might as well join anyway, because the union dues WILL be deducted from your paycheck regardless of whether you join or not."  
I asked if I had a choice in the matter.   Nope.  No choice.  Back then...it was the Teamsters, then it went to the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA).  During my tenure I was told to slow down, not show up, create maintenance issues that were not true, and walk a picket line.  I did none of these because I did not support the reasons behind them.  I was threatened several times.   This is exactly the entitlement mentality that brought down Detroit...and exactly the mentality that is causing the riots in London, Chicago, and now Philly.  

These riots are only the beginning folks...the Liberal entitlement mentality WILL cause a huge number of people to revolt and lash out.  You can sit there under the normalcy bias (inaction due to disbelief), stand around in Liberal circles and postulate theories on how to achieve world peace, or you can do something about it.  Start with electing people who have the BALLS to tell you what you DON'T want to hear. 

Lastly, I could (right now) take ALL the liquid wealth in the U.S....spread it around evenly to all people and match the end result the Liberals are striving to achieve.  I guarantee you that within days or weeks, the exact same results and stratification will result over time.  No matter what Govt. intervention you impose...the MARKET will win over time...guaranteed.  You cannot intervene with a free capital market model and expect free capital model RESULTS.  You screwed with the equation on ONE side...that WILL affect the other side of the equation.  

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END COFFEE INDUCED RANT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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