03 October 2011

OCT 2011

(24 OCT 2011)

 These are called "Moshi Monsters"....and they are a new set of kid characters.  Colleen has a friend with two children who love these characters...but could NOT find any costumes to wear for Halloween.  So Colleen and her friend made them.  

The kids loved them....the smiles say it all.  

(14 OCT 2011)

 Time once again for that annual Sea To Summit ride.....not so bad, a 2000 foot ascent (beach below in back ground was start point).  

bit of a hazy day....but really cool up top.  A great ride.  

(06 OCT 2011)


This is our next generation of leadership.  Our fore fathers are weeping at our complete and utter audacity in our outward demands while offering NO alternatives or suggestions or efforts to fix the issues...just disruption and bitching.  Very good assholes.  No solutions...just bitching. Terrific.

When asked by CNN's Anderson Cooper: "We understand that you are fed up with rich people...but may I ask what exactly is your alternative or suggested plan? What exactly are you seeking as an alternative?"

Here is the reply:

"...when people have to work two or three jobs...and we college students have little or no hope for even getting a job...and corporate CEOs get huge bonuses, then something is fundamentally wrong in this country."  

Anderson Cooper asks the question again:  

"Yes, we understand that part, but what I am asking is what alternative your group suggests to put in place of the current system?"  

Here's the reply: 

"...even the most basic items to simply sustain life have sky rocketed in price over the last four years...the merchants, vendors, banks, and corporate thieves are taking advantage of the poor and middle class.  We are here to say loud and clear that we have had enough.." 

Anderson looks blankly at the camera and re-states: 

"so, you really don't have a suggestion or alternative correct?...and you are angry about inflation of prices, is that right? "  


"...hell yes we are angry!...and we are going to create a living hell for all people until we are heard...this country has been hijacked and we will not stand for it.  We are the 99%!!! "  

(1) No plan.  No suggested alternative.  No fucking clue as to WHY prices rise due to currency devaluation + fed printing presses + fractionalized lending + trade deficits. Just bitching and pointing blame elsewhere. Wonderful.
(2) This is a great example of the entitlement mentality in its truest form.  "I am being held down by the man."  Yes, of course that must be the cause of all this, because, as we know, all those first generation banana boat immigrants who came over here with zero and busted their asses to create a good life, did so by under handed and illegal means I'm sure of it.  Same as all those other people who own businesses right!?  They must have obtained their wealth by stealing from you and I....lets loot these bastards!  (absolute fucking morons)
(3) You cannot separate economics from domestic tranquility.  In poor economic times, the domestic tranquility goes right out the window.  Yet, NO ONE  seems to want to take the time to UNDERSTAND what is going on to CAUSE price increases, inflation, currency devaluation, historical repeating cycles, and or stratification of wealth.  It is simply EASIER  and more mob mentality to simply point a finger and blame OTHERS rather than get off your ass and go create the results you want.  No one is preventing you (or anyone) from obtaining whatever it is you truly want.  Reality is you don't TRULY want it. It's easier to simply blame others.
(4) Anyone (and I mean anyone) who earns even minimum wage can thrive...in ANY market and economy...no matter if it's up or down...by simply UNDERSTANDING  what is going on to cause these historical patterns.  Until you ask questions and get answers yourself, you will ALWAYS be relegated to information provided by those who have ZERO  vested interest in your well being....nor do they UNDERSTAND simple economics 101 laws that NO NATION can ever defy.  You can choose to follow the normalcy bias ("it can't happen here...we have the highest standard of living in the world!...that's what hundreds of far more successful and time tested civilizations have said for the last 2600 years)...or....you can commit to the reality that:
(a) economics and domestic tranquility go hand in hand...liberal generalities and demands do NOT solve the problem...they just disrupt domestic tranquility...period.
(b) you must understand WHY history repeats and what fuels these patterns over and over and over again. 
(c) your current high standard of living was bought with YOUR KIDS' work hours, sweat, effort, and stress (and their kids too)...and we have sheer audacity to enslave our kids (and their kids) due to OUR selfish bullshit.  
(d) know the difference between CURRENCY and MONEY....currency (the dollars in your pocket) are mere claim checks except you have nothing to claim now because your checked item was SPENT years ago by people who are either dead or near dead.  Last I checked they never sent any of us a thank you card. 
(e) your house is LOSING value at 4% annually. (actually, everywhere I say "4%" read "8%" because people don't know how to extract TRUE inflation #'s...they blindly believe the BS #'s the govt. hands them...that's your first sign you are in trouble)  Your paycheck is losing value at 4% annually.  If the Dow Jones side ways for 10 years (like it has for the last 10 years)...that means it has actually LOST 40%...it's CRASHING and you don't even notice it. 
(f) lastly, do NOT benchmark the value of your assets in DOLLARS....value them benchmarked against OTHER STUFF.  Example:  1 median price home = 10 oz. of gold today.  50 years ago 1 median price home = 10 oz. gold.  No inflation.  Start stacking STUFF = STUFF and you see just how much you have LOST by using dollars.  

....remember this..."CASH IS TRASH"....accept that part and you will do well. 


(05 OCT 2011)

George gets a new home....

Glenn, Kyoko, and Colleen.

 Urn replaced to niche.

---------------------------------------------------------------- on another note --------------------------------------------------------------------------

In 1988 I signed on the dotted line to "defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, from all enemies, foreign and domestic."  

Since then I had (not by choice) three classes pertaining to the Constitution (two military and one civilian college). What I found was more questions that I needed to answer...and I didn't feel it to be too important at the time.  The questions lead to other historical documents, which lead to other books, which lead to news archives....etc etc.  It got way too involved thus I dropped it for many years.  Until 2001, when the Patriot Act emerged....and the Fed cranked up the printing presses to try and stave off recession.  Since then it's been a truly remarkable journey indeed, as I became aware of repeating cycles in history....over and over and over again....by nations just like us for the last 2600 years.  

None of these below charts are a surprise.  They are all manifestations of one law that NO COUNTRY can evade...


I am not a Republican nor a Democrat.  Both those parties front candidates that merely pander to the masses.  Promise people free shit and you will get elected.   This is how we elect people today...pander and promise free crap at the expense of YOUR KIDS, and your KIDS' KIDS. 

I have been searching for a candidate with the following resume: 
> Does not pander to crowds...says the SAME thing and doesn't change over many years.
> Committed to protect the Constitution.  Like I swore to do so in 1988.
> Preferably a veteran...but not mandatory.
> Stands by his ideals and never changes his tune over the years...NOT afraid to speak UNPOPULAR. 
> Has the balls to speak outwardly OUTSIDE the politically correct acceptable margins.
> Has the balls to tell people what they DON'T want to hear
> Has a plan to fix our debt issues, out of control military industrial complex, and stop the entitlement mentality. 

....I don't care who you vote for....frankly it doesn't matter...but I do ask you start to think for yourself, ask questions, and at least have the balls to have an opinion that is possibly politically incorrect.  Do not allow others to skew your values or principles...ever.  If you believe our spending is out of control...say so.  If you believe we have become a population of  Microsoft, Google, beer, football, Nascar, iPhone, Oprah, reality tv, facebook, induced coma patients...then say so.  Vote for a candidate that doesn't pander, has been literally unchanged for 35  years, has always sought to preserve the Constitution, and has a plan to kill the military industrial complex + get our fiscal overspent asses back on track.  




This chart is not by accident.  This is history repeating and playing out over and over again...like it has done hundreds of times for the last 2600 years.  

So lately we see more and more uprisings across the world...and now here in the U.S.  The sentiment is the same most of the time....an entitlement mentality which seeks to blame others or demand transfer of wealth from one person to another person just because THEY think that's the right thing to do....regardless of what the Constitution says.  

We have been turning our backs on the Constitution with no remorse for a long time now.  Finally, we are starting to see some people PUSH BACK and start to tell the left that there will be no more free lunches...and no matter what system you try to impose, you CANNOT and WILL NOT save everyone.  

Here is what gets me truly enraged.  I have family members who continually point at "our standard of living"  as if we created it because we are geniuses compared to rest of the world.  No. Wrong.  We used debt.  We printed money and CREATED this standard of living.  Get it right.  

You must have some set of balls to put YOUR KIDS in debt (and THEIR KIDS too) and then congratulate yourself for a job well done.  

Someone is going to have to pay this bill.  Take responsibility for once in your life.  Start thinking outside the politically correct margins.

Here's an example.  You go to the cleaners and submit your shirt for cleaning.  In return you get a claim check.  Well, the DOLLAR BILL in your pocket is a claim check...except THERE IS NO SHIRT AT THE CLEANERS ANYMORE.  You have an IOU backed by NOTHING.  There is no underlying VALUE to the debt we are creating.  Now the world knows we are over our heads and China, Japan, UK, France, and Russia have been getting rid of treasuries since 2009 as FAST as they can.  Why?  Because they are not stupid.  The ONLY people buying our debt now is ....US!.....via Quantitative Easing (QE as it's called).  So now we are backing up our IOU's with more IOUs that have no value.  Yes, that will work just fine....let's do that.  Brilliant.  

Yet we all walk around as if our standard of living and social entitlement programs are FREE and expected.  

Bullshit.  Take responsibility for your actions...and STOP spending our next generations' money.  Fix it.  Fix it now.

This is exactly what I was fore warning about two months ago (see earlier blog).  I will say it again...this is only the beginning for a recurring series of events that have been recurring over, and over, and over (like "Ground Hog Day") since 401 BC (Greeks) to current day.  

This is neither a surprise nor an unexpected chain of events in London, Egypt, Syria, and even here in the U.S. (Philadelphia, Chicago, and Milwaukee). 

The underlying message is the same: 
>"the man is holding us down"  
>"food prices are way too expensive"  (Egypt erupted over soaring food prices...NOT political unrest)
>"we demand more money, services, and handouts."  

(1) THE MAN IS HOLDING US DOWN:  That typically means either one of two things...."I am a minority and the man is holding me down...and [he] is also the reason I am not succeeding."  .....or..... "we are losing our welfare state programs, because the rich are not paying their fair share... the rich should pay for them, not me."  
> NO MORON:  If any of that were even remotely true then the huge number of people who step off the boat as immigrants, and proceed to create very successful results out of sheer hard work (using your logic) could only do so by illegal and underhanded means.  No one is holding anyone down, nor is anyone stupid enough to risk persecution in this hugely politically correct nation we have become.  No one has the balls to fire a minority for poor performance anymore...gee I wonder why?   As for the rich paying MORE than what they do now?....did you ever ask yourself WHY WE NEED TO INCREASE TAX REVENUES? (or why we need to ask the rich to pay more?)   No. We don't ask.  We just demand.  We paint a picture of all rich people being selfish pricks that achieved wealth by underhanded, loophole, slick, or illegal means.  Have you ever asked yourself how it is we acquired such a high standard of living?  Do you honestly think we are all geniuses compared to the rest of the world, and we are just THAT good!?  No jack ass.  We used debt.  We are repeating the exact same cycle that every single fiat currency debt based civilization has done since 403 BC.   I come to this argument armed with a 100% accurate historical precedence.  With 100% accuracy I can tell you, that the U.S. dollar WILL fail unless a drastic change is executed.  It is not a sudden event.  There is no nuclear wasteland after a currency dies.  It is not the apocalypse.  It does, however, occur every single time without fail.  If you have not done so, you need to arm yourself with the facts.  Do your own homework...then you tell me if every analyst out there is wrong when they say "it is not a matter of if , it's a matter of when."  Do your own homework on: 
a) how do we create money? (the Fed / Treasuries / Fractionalized reserves / base capital )
b) how much debt do we have? (M1, M2, M3)
c) how will we pay for this? ( http://youtu.be/tj2s6vzErqY )
d) can we sustain our current spending? (same you tube video above) 
e) how much income and equity (GDP) does the U.S. produce?  (same you tube video above) 

....gather your stats, and you tell me if your social entitlement programs are going to cease...shortly.  (I couldn't be happier), once again, the free market repeats history, and wins....every time...100% accuracy. 

(2) FOOD PRICES SOARING:   gee....I can't imagine why!?  It must be the greedy merchants and vendors right!?  Yes, lets form a mob and protest (and loot while we're at it) their greed.    I cannot tell you how absolutely silly that notion is.  Here again, just go back and study every single fiat currency civilization since the Greeks (403 BC) to current day...then you tell me WHY food prices soar.  (hint: economics 101....remember that class!?....when the teacher was talking about printing too many currency notes?)  Tell me this....lets say you are a politician today.  You want to get into office.  How can you get people to vote for you?  Tell them you can't afford to pay for their social entitlement programs?  Yeah right...no one will vote for you.  No sir...you promise MORE free shit than the next guy.  Yes...the votes then come pouring in.  That is how you win today.  So how can you pay for free shit without raising taxes!?....hmmmmm.....how about we just create money out of thin air!?  Brilliant!  All are happy right!?  The left/welfare/dependency addicts get their free shit....and taxes stay relatively still for a while...case solved....kick the can down the road.  Oh, wait....why are prices for life necessary goods going up so fast?  Why are people now unable to afford rent, food, gas, retirement, health care, schooling, and utilities?  Why isn't this plan working!?  
> FIAT CURRENCIES ARE IOU's....nothing more.  EXAMPLE:  You bring your shirt to the cleaners. The clerk hands you a claim check to get your shirt back.  The DOLLAR in your pocket is the claim check...except there is NO SHIRT at the cleaners folks.  We don't have the shirt anymore. It was claimed YEARS AGO.  If you think I am kidding...go to the above links again and get educated.  
> We absolutely believe our current standard of living is due to our elite ability to thrive.  Not even close. Each and every family is in such deep debt that your kids...and thiers...will pay for YOUR SPENDING.  So, every time I hear someone say "we have such a high standard of living here in the U.S."  I weep for the next generations who have to pay the fucking bill for OUR binge spending at THEIR expense.  How very thoughtful of us. 

(3) WE DEMAND MORE $, SERVICES, AND HANDOUTS:  I won't even go there.  We have become a nation of DEPENDENT junkies (addicts)...we can't make up our own minds, we can't remember our history as recent as 1933 when we had ZERO entitlement programs....and there were no dead bodies in a ditch, no one was consuming exploding consumer goods, kids were actually disciplined, people retired just fine, and the mortality rate was within 7% of today.  For some reason now we think food, shelter, health care, and pensions are entitlements.  No. They are not. They NEVER were.  It's not in our constitution, laws, or rights.  You must earn those things...and THAT part has faded from our family structure since 1933.  We are utter dependency addicts.... and we are now unable to fend for ourselves without the Govt.  Gee what a great position to be in.   The entire "demand" of $, services, and handouts is playing out world wide now...and it WILL become more frequent over time.  The only way to break free of this terrible dependency is to take responsibility for your own results.  Until you do that, you will continue to drink the coolaid and fall prey to the "normalcy bias" and continue to walk around in your Google, Microsoft, Beer, Football, Reality TV, Oprah, iPhone induced coma while the prices of ALL THAT YOU NEED TO LIVE AND RETIRE ON escalate to the point where you WILL be underwater.  It's subtle...it's insidious, but it does occur 100% of the time without fail. 

Last point then I'll shut up:  

If you bought your house for $100k ten years ago, and it's now worth $130k....did you make money?  
(ANSWER): inflation last ten years averaged 4%.  You lost $10k.   Said in another way....remember years ago when gas was $1 a gallon?  Well that 1$ actually meant something back then...now it doesn't.  Have you at least ever asked yourself WHY stuff goes up in price so fast?  Ask questions at the very least man...don't just sit there in your Google, Microsoft, Beer, Football, Reality TV, Oprah, iPhone induced coma....ask questions and get answers. 

and btw...if the Govt. tell you unemployment is 9%...and you don't dig further and ask HOW they got 9%....then I beg you to dig further.  What you will find will amaze you.  Did you know a person is deemed RE-EMPLOYED upon expiration of unemployment income?  Did you know they use HEDONISTIC values to balance their books (if you were a biz using GAAP standards...you would be thrown in jail for doing such a thing).  Did you know govt. employees earn 2x that of civilians on average?  There are thousands of errors and omissions in Govt. data.  GO FURTHER.    Real unemployment is approximately 17.8% and here is the food stamps chart (monthly)...we have over 45 million people on them....that's 15% of the population.  

I am neither a Republican NOR a Democrat.  Both parties have abused the currency to it's current point of no return.  We need leadership with balls....that will tell the people "sorry folks....you spent the next two generation's money already...you cannot have anymore."    China, France, UK, and Japan have all been getting rid of the USD (treasuries) since 2009 as fast as they can.  They are not stupid.  They know our debt is way too big.  The only country buying Treasuries is...US....via the FED (aka quantitative easing, or QE for short).  When Feds do those things...it's an emergency folks.  Don't trust me...just look back over the last 2400 years.  I speak with 100% accuracy...and historically every single nation has always said "it can't happen here...we have the highest standard of living in history!?"  

........on a lighter note....

Garett's birthday get together (age 13, below balloons) ....his mom (Grace) is Colleen's good friend.

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